Skilled Attorneys for Victims of International Aviation Accidents

Efforts to recover compensation for injuries or a fatal accident during international air travel may be governed by international treaties such as the Montreal Convention and its predecessor, the Warsaw Convention. These treaties apply to injuries and fatalities due to plane crashes and other aviation-related accidents, depending primarily on the nation from which you departed and the destination of your flight. Skilled aviation accident attorneys analyze these events in order to determine if just compensation is owed and how to proceed.

What Is the Montreal Convention?

The Montreal Convention is formally known as the “Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air.” It is a treaty signed in 1999 amending the Warsaw Convention. At least 113 countries have signed on to the treaty. The main purpose of the treaty is to create uniform law regarding international travel. It does this by formalizing strict liability for damages up to a certain amount and then beyond that threshold the claimant must establish negligence on the part of the carrier.

Law like these require an attorney with specific and technical experience. Not just any law firm can handle an international air travel or air disaster case. At Raizner Slania, we are here to help if you were injured in an airplane crash, the violent landing of an international flight, or other incident, because of in-flight turbulence, or while embarking or deplaning — or if you believe you may deserve monetary compensation for the death of a family member.

Representation by an attorney with both international litigation and aviation case experience may be essential for reasons including:

  1. The strength and resources of a major airline or aviation insurance company that may deny liability or employ a variety of delay tactics to avoid paying your valid claim.
  2. The importance of fully understanding laws intended to create a “uniform system of recovery” for all signatory nations through a complex set of stipulations and the use of a monetary exchange concept known as drawing rights.

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At the transnational law firm Raizner Slania, based in Houston, Texas, we are versed in the Montreal Convention, Warsaw Convention, and other potentially applicable laws. Once we know the essential facts surrounding your accident and injuries, a caring and dedicated attorney can help you understand legal options, limitations and likely outcomes.

Our firm has multiple lawyers with significant experience crossing oceans and borders to deal with international personal injury cases — including both our partners. Our aviation law experience enables us to handle cases ranging from a major airline disaster to serious injuries sustained due to negligence in maintaining airport facilities.

Count on Our Team of Aviation Accident Attorneys’ Knowledge of the Montreal Convention and Other Aviation Laws

Whether you are an injured passenger, a family member grieving a tragic plane crash fatality, or a U.S. attorney or European solicitor in need of co-counsel from a lawyer with Montreal Convention case experience, contact Raizner Slania for help interpreting the applicable laws and defining an appropriate approach to seeking monetary compensation.