Aviation Accidents
Gulf Coast Lawyers for Victims of Helicopter and Plane Accidents

Raizner Slania is focused on strong advocacy for people harmed by aviation accidents throughout the Gulf Coast and internationally. Our attorneys have extensive experience in maritime law and Jones act claims, including those involving all types of workers in the oil and gas exploration industry, and we are also well equipped to deal with the legal aftermath of a helicopter or plane crash. We frequently collaborate with other lawyers and firms in the U.S., U.K., and elsewhere throughout the world to handle these complex aviation-related claims.

In the past, some of our lawyers have handled aviation litigation for a major aircraft manufacturer, giving us valuable insight into the technical details and tactics needed to handle these complex cases. If you have been injured in a work-related or other aviation accident, injured by turbulence in flight, or are grieving a loved one killed in a tragic crash, please contact us for a case evaluation and strong effective representation.

We have the trial and negotiating skills to handle cases against aviation operators as well as aircraft and equipment manufacturers arising from events including:

  • Offshore helicopter accidents
  • News helicopter accidents
  • Medical helicopter accidents
  • International plane crashes and other aviation-related accidents covered by the Montreal and Warsaw Convention treaties

Thorough Investigation and Strategic Case-Building for Monetary Compensation

Offshore helicopter crashes and other aviation accidents can be the result of faulty component parts or inadequate maintenance, failures to warn pilots or passengers of inclement weather turbulence, airframe structural failures, engine failures, poor crew training, outdated or incorrect manuals, or human error. In many cases, a thorough investigation reveals a combination of different causes.

The lawyers at Raizner Slania have the knowledge and skill to represent survivors and grieving families, and provide relevant advice in cases involving:

  • An international airline disaster or passenger mishap causing serious injury
  • Rotary-wing (helicopter) or fixed-wing aircraft
  • A military aviation mishap involving contractor negligence
  • A commercial or charter flight accident involving U.S., U.K., or other European citizens

Our attorneys enlist aviation experts as necessary to investigate each case and pin down causes and liable parties. We also document the full extent of the injuries and other damages and losses you have suffered. In wrongful death cases, this can include the loss of companionship and carefully calculated long-term financial loss.

To discuss your needs and what we may be able to accomplish for you through the legal system, please contact our law firm today.