Commercial Business Insurance Disputes – AIG Complaints

The insurance company AIG has made headlines over the past few years for accepting a government bailout and the burdens they’ve placed on policyholders and taxpayers alike. AIG’s reputation for misconduct has been so significant that they even changed their name to Chartis for a period of time.  In the midst of AIG’s financial failures, the insurance giant has also failed many of its policyholders who depended upon them to honor their obligation to pay claims instead of accepting government handouts thus resulting in several AIG complaints.

AIG has a reputation for creating hurdles for a policyholder’s claim with the intent of making the process so unbearable that the claim is dropped. The claims are delayed because adjusters do not return phone calls, and many recommended service companies choose not to handle AIG claims given their poor business practices. Many businesses and homeowners also experience extreme increases in their insurance rates after filing just one claim or increases without being notified. AIG has been accused of wrongfully denying claims in order to avoid paying and AIG litigation has been on the rise.

Questionable Business Practices

AIG handles insurance for a variety of business owners, including business interruption insurance and commercial property insurance. AIG is a company that has made international headlines because of its questionable priorities.  The lack of consumer satisfaction seems to extend to every aspect of their business, so it often comes as no surprise when they refuse to honor their obligations to policyholders.

Insurance law requires insurance companies to show reasonable cause for denying or delaying payment if the policy clearly covers your damages. Insurance companies must also provide reasonable payment for losses so that repairs can be made.

AIG Litigation Lawyers

Raizner Slania has experience fighting their bad faith tactics and have heard several AIG complaints from frustrated policyholders. We focus on making the insurance companies honor their financial obligation to those who have paid their premiums in anticipation of an event where AIG would need to make them whole. If AIG has delayed, denied or disputed your claim, call us today.