Houston Business Interruption Lawyer

Loss of Revenue Claim

When a storm or other catastrophic event forces your medium or small business to shut down, the damages that you suffer are not limited to the physical structure of your property. You also suffer from lost revenue for the time that your business cannot operate, and the extra expenses incurred trying to get your business back in order as soon as possible. You can lose not only steady income, but also customer loyalty and critical, one-time opportunities if your insurance company disputes, delays, or denies your claim. The loss of income and extra expenses may be recoverable from your insurance company through a business interruption insurance claim.

Fighting for the Full Value of Your Business

Our legal team works every day to build strong cases against insurance companies across the nation. After a major storm or disaster, your business should not lose money because of a low-ball estimate from your insurance company. We know the tricks that the insurance companies use. We also know that deciphering cryptic language in your policy can be intimidating, as is the prospect of suing a major corporation. Obstacles you may encounter when filing a claim include:

  • An adjuster and other insurance representatives may give any number of reasons for denying or stonewalling your business interruption claim
  • Your insurance company may hire its hand-selected accountants and consultants to understate the true amounts of your business interruption claim
  • You may have incurred extra expenses to get your business up and running again, and your insurance company won’t listen or refuses to pay
  • The insurance company and its adjusters may only agree to pay for part of your lost business claim and not the full amounts owed
  • Dealing with insurance companies takes valuable time away from your goal of getting your business back to normal or finding another way to regain financial stability

An attorney can help you navigate these roadblocks and let you get back to the part that you are familiar with – running your business. We do not simply take the insurance company’s estimate of your damages. As experts in property damage and business interruption insurance, we utilize quality investigators and insurance coverage experts to find out the value of your business interruption claim. This allows us to build the strongest possible case for you.

Get an Experienced Attorney to Help With Your Claim

The attorneys at Raizner Slania have extensive experience dealing with all types of insurance claims, such as hail damage insurance claims and many more, negotiating with all major insurance companies, and taking the carriers to court when necessary. We can help you obtain fair value for your business interruption claim and get your business up and running again.

Our cases are prepared from beginning to end, and our clients can count us on us to provide effective representation and be prepared for trial if necessary. To discuss your claim and legal options with a lawyer experienced in handling business interruption claims, please contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation.