Travelers Insurance Claims Attorney

One of the largest commercial property insurers in the nation, Travelers Insurance claims to protect a wide variety of businesses and properties. These policies include wind damage, private and excess flood insurance, business interruption, and other commercial insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, despite their commitment to customers, they have been known to utilize bad faith tactics when assessing claims and policies. As your Travelers Insurance claims attorney, we will step in on your behalf to help fight your claim. If you are faced with uncertainty during your property damage dispute, then contact Raizner Slania today!

Fighting Travelers Bad Faith Practices

Insurance companies often delay, dispute, and deny claims to avoid large payouts. The attorneys at Raizner Slania are skilled at fighting the bad faith practices of Travelers Insurance. Our experienced team of lawyers have taken on insurance claim disputes of all sizes. We are prepared and equipped to protect you against:

  • Claims denied based on wear and tear or other supposedly preexisting conditions
  • Delay in business owner policy claims
  • Lowball payouts for property damage
  • Disputes over commercial and residential property damage claims
  • False allegations about your policy

Whether you are seeking compensation for property repair or due coverage for damage, we are committed to helping you obtain what you need to thrive. Dedicated to combating Travelers’ bad faith practices, we will work to provide you with timely answers and guidance.

Property Damage Litigation Lawyers

We take steps to actively investigate and perform an independent evaluation to determine the full amount of damage to your property. By consulting professional experts, contractors, engineers, and independent adjusters, we acquire a detailed and comprehensive estimate of damage to know how much compensation to seek on your behalf. This ensures we are pursuing the full amount of damages and providing you with what you need.

Raizner Slania has extensive trial experience and a successful track record against insurance companies. Over the years, we have obtained millions of dollars in settlements, awards, and verdicts for policyholders who have been hurt by insurance companies acting in bad faith.

If you have suffered severe property damage and Travelers Insurance is not offering fair compensation for your claim, then contact Raizner Slania for a no-risk consultation and case evaluation today!