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Have you been treated unfairly by Lexington Insurance?

Our team of experienced lawyers is equipped to face the bad faith practices of Lexington Insurance. We have handled countless claims against a wide variety of insurance companies who delay and deny payment, refuse to engage in thorough investigations, and lowball property damage claims. As your Lexington Insurance claim attorney, we will uncover the truth about your commercial property damage, ensuring a smooth process.

Whether you have experienced wind, hail, fire, or water damage from hurricanes or other disasters, we will help you navigate through the litigation process. Our goal is to help you recover and rebuild. If you have encountered obstacles and unfair treatment while working with Lexington Insurance, then contact us today.

Lexington Insurance Bad Faith Practices

Insurance companies are known for bad faith practices, such as unwarranted denial of claims, lack of investigation, overall delays, and undervalued offers. When it comes to denying or delaying claims, Lexington Insurance bad faith practices are no different. Lexington Insurance is a commercial property insurance company, and though few can tell by its name, they are part of the group of companies owned by insurance giant AIG. Lexington often avoids formal licensing in certain states, and instead acts as a surplus lines carrier to avoid having to comply with certain laws. A state’s insurance commissioner does not license surplus lines carriers and they do not have to comply with many regulations regarding insurance practices. Surplus lines insurance is supposed to be used when a policy is too high risk for traditional insurance companies, but often large insurance groups take advantage of the surplus lines structure to dodge regulations and boost their own profits. Due to the lack of regulation, the language of a surplus lines policy is not subject to oversight by the department of insurance, and often limits coverage to the detriment of policyholders.

Delays with Lexington insurance

Based in Boston, Lexington Insurance handles policies for commercial properties. As with most insurance companies, Lexington Insurance counts on denied, delayed, and disputed claims to be an obstacle for the policyholder, resulting in a lower number of claims to pay. Lexington Insurance often uses outside adjusting firms for their policyholders’ claims, relying on firms like York Services and others to handle the claims process.  Companies like Lexington Insurance may undervalue or deny claims by falsely claiming the damage is associated with wear and tear or regular maintenance that the owner should cover. Insurance companies may also deny a claim based on a decision that the damage was not caused by the event in question. A skilled Lexington Insurance bad faith attorney can help dispute these issues.

Fighting Lexington Insurance on Your Behalf

At Raizner Slania, we are experienced in fighting the bad faith practices of Lexington Insurance. Our firm has obtained verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients against large insurance companies who cut corners and break rules. We pride ourselves on delivering results that are consistent with your goals. Our formidable team is full of experienced attorneys ready to work on your behalf. If you have any questions about commercial property damage or how we can help with your case, then please reach out. We are here to help you find the answers you need and guide you through the complicated process of pursuing a complex commercial claim against insurance companies.