Insurance Class Action Lawsuits

Class actions are a highly effective and efficient form of civil litigation. Not every unfair insurance practice can be resolved by a class action lawsuit, but it can be the most practical vehicle for a resolution for you, your business, and /or your family.

What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or more individuals sue on behalf of a larger group, referred to as “the class.” The lawsuit is one in which a group of people with the same or similar damages caused by the same product or action sue the defendant as a group. Federal law governs class actions under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23. The class action vehicle is used generally when a number of people have suffered the same or similar damages.

The reasons why class members file lawsuits can vary, but in every class action case, the same legal issues are common to all class members and the group of individuals affected is so large that it is not practical or even possible for the court system to handle each claim individually. Generally, the court’s resolution of the class action binds all members of the class as certified by the court.

Examples of Recent Insurance Class Action Lawsuits:

  1. Insurance restoration contractors and public adjusters have found that insurance companies instructed their field adjusters to exclude paying general contractor overhead and profit. Overhead and profit cases like these are unfortunately very common because of insurance company claims initiatives. Insurers use the same bad faith practices in all property cases which delay, underpay, or deny overhead and profit benefits to policyholders and their contractors.
  2. Insurance agents have gotten caught collecting large commissions on insurance policies that are far more expensive than the policy purchasers were told. Hundreds of thousands of policy owners were affected. Some were given a price break on new policies and many more were awarded financial damages in alternative dispute resolution.
  3. A health insurance policy covered anesthesia costs, but when policyholders had surgery with anesthesia, the insurer unfairly refused to pay for the anesthesiologist’s fee and only paid for the substance/dosage. The litigation was successful and everyone who had that policy and had paid for their own anesthesiologists’ fees received a refund.

We are currently involved in American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Medigap coverage class action litigation. AARP formed an exclusive relationship with United HealthCare to provide certain benefits to its members. Unfortunately, lawsuits allege that AARP made millions of dollars in tax-free kickbacks from Medigap policies. It is alleged that AARP defrauded its members, senior citizens, of millions of dollars by adding illegal commissions to their health insurance bills and then avoiding taxes on these wrongful commissions it received. If you have this type of insurance coverage, you may qualify for financial compensation.

Raizner Slania, Attorneys For Insurance Class Action Lawsuits

Class action cases involve extensive research, much more than in a typical individual lawsuit. It is imperative that you hire a team of attorneys that can and will work to gather evidence to prove that the defendant’s product or conduct harmed the class. A class action insurance attorney at Raizner Slania will take care of all of the work and advance the costs – you will owe us nothing unless we are able to recover on your behalf. Raizner Slania has the experience, resources, and sophistication to handle national and international insurance class action lawsuit claims. Our class action insurance attorneys have successfully handled multiple litigations involving insurance class action consumer claims. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.