Serious Injury Lawyer – Medical Helicopter Accidents

Injured or Grieving After a Medical Helicopter Crash?

Medical transport helicopters are in widespread use today and, since their inception, the airlifting of medical emergency patients has saved countless lives. Although there are inherent risks in helicopter and other air travel, hazards are sometimes greatly increased by the negligence of those who make flight decisions, manufacture and operate the aircraft, and provide service and maintenance.

Consequences of a crash, hard landing, or even severe turbulence can be catastrophic. If you have lost a loved one or been seriously injured in a medical helicopter crash — or you are a lawyer who wants to confidently refer a potential client — please contact us at Raizner Slania. Our national and international law practice is firmly established as an innovative and relentless resource for the injured and their families.

Diligence in Investigation and Case Preparation

Accurately determining the causes and total personal and financial impact of a medical helicopter accident is work that requires a collaborative team of attorneys with strong credentials. We have worked with and maintain connections to quality aviation investigators, engineers and other experts — often instrumental in building a strong case for monetary compensation.

Our track record of success extends across challenging litigation involving clients and incidents throughout the U.S., in the U.K. and Europe, and around the world. If your case calls for aggressive negotiation or litigation, we can help whether you are going up against:

  • Your employer if you were injured as an employee during a helicopter crash
  • A hospital or other medical provider liable for negligence in operating or maintaining the helicopter
  • The operator of the aircraft
  • A major aircraft or parts manufacturer, regardless of their wealth and power

Experience that matters

Given the complexity of aviation incidents, it is critical that an attorney handling a fixed or rotary wing aircraft case possess the required experience needed to deliver the best possible results. Jeff Raizner gained valuable experience in the past representing a major aircraft manufacturer in litigation arising out of major airline disasters. This background enables Raizner Slania to understand both the complex issues surrounding aircraft design, maintenance, and operation, as well as insight into the tactics that aircraft manufacturers, operators, component part makers, and maintenance facilities will employ in defending aviation cases.

Turn to Trial Lawyers With the Resources to Handle Your Legal Challenge

We are known in legal circles for relentlessly supporting our clients’ causes and for our ability to overcome delay tactics and expedite your personal injury or wrongful death claim. To discuss your potential medical helicopter accident case and how we might approach obtaining monetary compensation for you, please contact Raizner Slania today. We will welcome your call whether you were hurt while being airlifted or on the job as a medical professional.