Allstate Property Insurance Bad Faith Complaints

Was your property damage claim wrongfully denied, delayed or disputed?

Allstate’s slogan claims “You’re in good hands.” Unfortunately, these words carry little meaning: many home and business owners have filed valid insurance claims for property damage only to see them unfairly delayed or denied. These situations often involve water or ice damage, wind and hail damage, fire and smoke damage, and damage from natural disasters and hurricanes.

An insurance company’s refusal to compensate policyholders what they’re owed can have distressing effects, preventing businesses from operating and forcing families to live in unsafe conditions. If you believe your property damage claim was unfairly denied, or your claim is being unreasonably delayed, consider pursuing an Allstate lawsuit and get in touch with a lawyer today.

Allstate’s Unfair Treatment of Policyholders

In spite of their empathetic slogan, Allstate routinely values profit over policyholders. In fact, Allstate agents have reportedly been instructed to deny a claim at any cost, even if it means deceiving their own policyholders. This method of routine denial until a claimant concedes is otherwise known as the “boxing gloves” approach. Former Allstate agent Shannon Kmatz explains this approach is intended to make claims “so expensive and so time-consuming that lawyers would start refusing to help clients.” It’s evident where Allstate’s true concern lies, and as a result of their unethical behavior, numerous complaints have been logged against the company.

Complaints Against Allstate

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners identified Allstate as one of the major insurance companies that receives an exceptionally high volume of customer complaints. Previous customers report agents have blatantly disregarded vital facts that would have forced the company to pay more to the policyholder, offered lowball settlements that ignore true value, implemented significant rate increases without providing notice, and continued to charge previous customers even after they canceled their policies.

Furthermore, communication with Allstate agents is inefficient and unresponsive to ensure a long claims process that leaves customers frustrated and willing to give in to the lowball settlement. Policyholders have filed endless complaints detailing ignored or counterproductive phone calls and calling out belligerent agents unwilling to negotiate. When accidents happen, policyholders are left feeling stressed, neglected, and bullied in their time of need by the very people that are supposed to help.

Allstate is Acting in Bad Faith

The vast majority of complaints logged against Allstate are textbook examples of bad faith practices (intentionally dishonest acts), and they are illegal. At Raizner Slania, our lawyers have seen many specific instances of this type of unfair and financially devastating treatment. Allstate — a company with revenues consistently above $30 billion each year — is widely viewed as being especially committed to “tightening up on claims.” For policyholders trying to recover and rebuild after a disaster, this may mean:

  • Outright denial or unreasonable delay of your claim without a valid reason
  • False allegations that you are responsible for the damage to your home or business, due to wear and tear, poor original construction, or lack of maintenance, such as the failure to repair damage after a previous event
  • Major delays and intimidating obstacles aimed at getting you to either accept a lowball settlement or abandon your claim altogether

Insurance law is clear that insurance companies are required to show a reasonable basis for denying or delaying payment on a claim if the policy clearly covers the damage. If your claim has been denied or held up for unknown administrative purposes, Allstate may be acting in bad faith and illegally denying you the money you are contractually owed.

File a Bad Faith Lawsuit Against Allstate

A team of seasoned lawyers at Raizner Slania is ready to tackle your Allstate claim. If you have had difficulty recovering claims benefits from Allstate after damage to your property, please contact us today and schedule a free consultation. Whether you have damage to your home or business, we will help you through the litigation process.

At Raizner Slania, we seek to provide you with answers for your Allstate insurance complaints with efficiency and diligence, leaving you with peace of mind. Through years of working to uncover bad faith tactics of insurance companies, we have gained the insight needed to help you win against Allstate. Our impressive track record successfully handling claims against the biggest insurance companies in the nation has made us a go-to resource for homeowners and business owners across the country harmed by wrongful claim denials and unreasonable delays.