Texas Commercial Property Damage Attorney

Damage to your property due to a storm or other event can be devastating to your business. Commercial property damage not only affects your building but can interfere with your livelihood and the return on your investment. Many business owners have commercial property insurance to guard against this interference. If your commercial insurance carrier denies you proper compensation for your loss, you could have a bad faith claim.

Hold Insurance Companies Liable for Bad Faith Tactics

Commercial property owners have insurance coverage to ensure that a catastrophic wind or hail storm, fire or water loss doesn’t destroy the financial stability of the business venture or cause the property investment to decline or become a total loss.

For commercial property owners waiting for their claim to be honored, it is advantageous to seek legal assistance to combat your insurer’s bad faith tactics. A commercial property damage lawyer experienced in catastrophes can pursue bad faith claims in court and ensure the policyholder receives the money needed to repair their property.

Ideally, insurance companies would be understanding of the devastation caused by a storm and would pay out claims in a timely and fair manner after a natural disaster. Unfortunately, this is often not the way things work in the insurance industry, and commercial property insurance disputes commonly remain unsettled for several years.

Seasoned Attorneys for any Type of Insurance Loss

Commercial property damage can arise out of many catastrophic circumstances, and our attorneys have the experience to address the technical details of every type of loss. Our experience includes insurance disputes arising out of:

Whatever the circumstances, Raizner Slania has the team to fully investigate the events resulting in damage to your commercial property.

Commercial insurance disputes are often focused on:

  • Whether repair or replacement of the commercial property is appropriate
  • The cause of the loss and whether it is covered under the insurance policy
  • The cost of commercial property repairs
  • The loss of value of the investment or the loss of business income caused by the commercial property damage
  • The estimated value of business equipment or other insured items destroyed by the storm
  • The replacement cost of the commercial property if the building was damaged beyond repair

Insurance companies will often try to pay out as little as possible, significantly underestimating the extent of losses, or misrepresenting the cause of the loss. Other times insurers will delay or deny legitimate claims with the hope policyholders will eventually give up their fight. Insurance policyholders do have legal recourse, however. Commercial property owners can protect their investments by contacting a proven commercial property damage lawyer.

What You Can Expect from Raizner Slania

You pay for insurance to be protected in the event of a disaster, and an experienced commercial property damage lawyer will fight to ensure insurance works the way it should. When the insurer acts in bad faith, it pays to have an advocate on your side.

At Raizner Slania, our experienced property damage lawyers have helped clients throughout the United States whose commercial properties were damaged by violent storms, fires, water damage, theft and vandalism, and other insurance losses. Our law firm is one of the few in the country that has successfully pursued bad faith claims involving complex properties against insurance companies, and we are uniquely prepared to fight on your behalf to recover the money you deserve.

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