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Class Action Complaint Filed Against the NCAA on Behalf of the University of Tennessee Football Players

The National Collegiate Association (NCAA) is an association that serves to regulate the athletics of college sports for more than 1,300 colleges, universities, conferences, and organizations. Claiming to prioritize the treatment and prevention of injury, the NCAA holds itself to be a proponent of the safety and well-being of more than 400,000 student-athletes. However, the harsh truth is that many student-athletes sustain debilitating injuries that often prove detrimental and lead to long-term medical problems.

One recent case focuses on football players that attended the University of Tennessee. The lead plaintiff played as a defensive back from 2000-2003. During hitting drills, regular practices, and games, the player would make hits that often caused him to black out and have certain vision problems. For example, while playing strong safety at practice in 2001, the football player suffered a concussion. Immediately after the incident, the player’s vision went black and he experienced memory loss.

Although the student-athlete was reported to endure multiple blows, impacts to the head, and multiple concussions throughout his time on the Tennessee football team, the player never received appropriate medical treatment. Instead, each time he would be sent away to his room to recover on his own. As a result, this player now suffers from a variety of medical problems and disorders including anxiety, depression, severe headaches, irritability, and sleeping disorders.

NCAA Head Injury Lawyers: Raizner Slania

The NCAA, its conferences, and universities have a responsibility to look after the health and safety of their student-athletes. Contact Raizner Slania today if you or a loved one have experienced head trauma and neurological disorders as a result of a head injury while playing for an NCAA regulated team.