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Class Action Complaint Filed Against the NCAA on Behalf of Penn State University Football Players

Penn State University has had no shortage of legal problems, and its athletic program is now the subject of a recent class action complaint asserting that the embattled university, along with the NCAA, failed to adequately protect student athletes from the dangers and lifetime consequences of concussions.

The recent class action complaint focuses on a lead plaintiff who played as a defensive back from 1988-1991. During one particular game in 1991, the player was hit while covering a kick off. This student-athlete sustained a dangerous concussion and experienced severe memory loss for two days following the incident. This football player then suffered another violent blow during running back practice. After colliding with a runner, the player reported that he had lost all feeling on the left side of his body from his arm upward.

As a result of enduring multiple blows, impacts to the head, and at least two concussions throughout his time on the Penn State football team, the player now suffers from a variety of medical issues and disorders including back problems, claustrophobia, depression, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, impulse control problems, irritability, memory loss, numbness and tingling, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts. 

NCAA Head Injury Lawyers: Raizner Slania

The NCAA, its conferences, and universities have a responsibility to look after the health and safety of their student-athletes. Contact Raizner Slania today if you or a loved one have experienced head trauma and neurological disorders as a result of a head injury while playing for an NCAA regulated team.