Texas Commercial Windstorm Damage Lawyer

Your home or place of business may well be your single biggest investment, and the catastrophic consequences of a windstorm can justify a very sizable insurance claim for the costs of repair or rebuilding. Straight line winds, major wind gusts and other strong windstorms can cause extensive damage to your business and the property inside. These storms involve gusts of wind so strong that they can knock down trees, power lines, lift roofs, and tear off parts of a building.

Our attorneys have taken action to address many serious violations of client trust and insurance law by insurers, such as:

  • Failure to investigate and assess damage promptly such as wind damage to roofs and more completely
  • Hiring biased adjusters, engineers, and other “experts” who are motivated to under-assess property damages or focus on potential causes other than the windstorm
  • False claims that the damage resulted from wear and tear, manufacturing defects or poor maintenance
  • Excessive depreciation in insurance estimates or the improper application of a “co-insurance” penalty
  • Making low-ball settlement offers or payments that cannot approach the true costs of repairing or rebuilding windstorm-damaged property

Holding insurers accountable

Profit-focused insurers have many strategies for denying, delaying, and “low-balling” such high-value wind damage to roof claims.

We are prepared to take decisive action against insurance companies, including:

  • Sending independent engineers, contractors, and other experts to find and bring forth clear, specific evidence that your loss was caused by the windstorm
  • Disproving an insurer’s given excuses for denying a wind damage to roof insurance claim or inadequate settlement offer, such as allegations that the damage resulted from wear and tear or that you failed to maintain the roof properly
  • Ensuring that the actual cash value and the replacement cost value of your property damage is fair and accurate

Property Damage Claim Attorneys Targeting Fair, Just Compensation for Windstorm Victims

In many cases, windstorm insurance companies go beyond violating a contract when they deny your valid wind damage insurance claim. Unfair denials, extreme delays, and major under-valuations can constitute insurance bad faith, enabling recovery of other additional damages that you suffered because of bad faith conduct. If you are seeking a wind damage to roof insurance claim dispute lawyer with a track record of success, please contact Raizner Slania today.