Texas Commercial Water Damage Attorney

Water damage can wreak havoc on your commercial property and business operations. Plumbing leaks behind walls, under a foundation or from failed equipment such as hot water heaters can cause extensive damage to a building and its inventory.  Commercial insurance providers often use any policy provision they can find to avoid paying for water damage. If you purchased a commercial insurance policy to protect your property from damage, including plumbing breaks and other water damage, you expect your insurance company to come through for you. Making that happen, however, may require the assistance of a qualified water damage attorney.

Recovering from Commercial Water Damage

When your property is affected by a water incident, it often permeates every part of your business, including:

If your water damage claim is delayed, denied, or undervalued, your business could suffer extensive repair costs and lost inventory, damage from a loss of reputation, lost profits, and financial hardship. Excessive delay, gross undervaluation, or denial of a claim covered by your policy could constitute insurance bad faith.

Water damage attorneys who represent your interests

Raizner Slania is familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying business property damage claims, even when you have faithfully paid your premiums and it is within your coverage. Insurance companies can be intimidating, using obscure language and denying you one of your most precious assets, time, when handling your claim.

The attorneys at Raizner Slania challenge the insurance companies by hiring their own investigators and experts to evaluate your water damage claim and present evidence of coverage. If you have experienced water or plumbing related damage to your commercial property and your claim has been delayed, denied, or undervalued by your insurance company, get an experienced water damage attorney on your side. To obtain a free evaluation of your case, call Raizner Slania today.