Commercial Business Insurance Disputes – State Farm Complaints

State Farm is one of the largest insurance carriers in the United States, but it is not always the “good neighbor” its advertising suggests when it comes to settling property damage claims. Our experience with State Farm suggests that the company commonly undervalues its estimates, particularly on high-value claims.

Struggling to Get a Fair Valuation of Your Property or a Full Damage Settlement?

The aftermath of a natural disaster or severe weather event can be among the most trying times imaginable for any property owner. Having to dispute your claim with a giant, bureaucratic insurance company such as State Farm only adds to an already difficult process.

Some common problems you may face after a disaster are:

  • Determining whether your home or property is able to be repaired or is a total loss
  • Disputes with your insurer regarding the valuation of your property and/or the costs of repair or replacement
  • Allegations by your insurer that the catastrophic event is not the real cause of damage
  • Your insurer disputing, delaying, or denying your claim outright without conducting a proper investigation

For these reasons, turning to proven insurance dispute lawyers can make a sizeable difference in obtaining a fair valuation or full damage settlement for your property damage claim.

Allow Us to Help You Pursue Your Property Damage Claim

Raizner Slania’s team of attorneys have specifically dealt with State Farm and are assertive and resourceful negotiators, as well as proven trial lawyers who have obtained numerous favorable settlements and verdicts for property owners hurt by insurer misconduct. If you are engaged in an insurance dispute with State Farm or have other State Farm complaints regarding insurance, please contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation today. Allow us to help you get you on the road toward recovery.