Texas Tornado Claim Disputes

Commercial Tornado Claim Lawyer

Tornadoes can spread destruction over a large area, impacting countless businesses and communities. Damage often results from either a direct hit from a funnel cloud or any accompanying windstorm, rain, and hail, impacting commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes. Tornado damage can leave a business open to additional property loss, lost profits, business interruption and financial hardship.

Recovering From Tornado Damage to Your Business

If an insurance company fails to promptly investigate a commercial tornado claim, delays payment, fails to cover all covered damage, or denies coverage, they could be acting in bad faith. We are insurance litigation professionals who can help your business take action against your commercial insurance carrier that has operated in bad faith.

Businesses may be subject to a variety of bad faith practices, including:

  • Denied property damage claims
  • Claims that the damage resulted from wear and tear, poor maintenance or other excuses
  • Failure to promptly pay claims
  • Failure to properly and promptly investigate and assess tornado damage claims
  • Low-ball claims assessments and settlement offers
  • Accusations that your building did not meet specified code requirements

Insurance law is clear.  Insurance companies are required to show reasonable cause for denying or delaying payment on your tornado claim if the damage is covered under your policy. This is as true for small, medium, or large commercial tornado claims as it is for owners of residential property.

We Hire Independent Roofers, Contractors and Engineers to Value Roof Damage Insurance Claims

When we handle tornado claims, we don’t just accept the estimates provided by the insurance company’s adjusters.  We obtain independent evaluations from professional experts, contractors, engineers, and independent adjusters—who have extensive experience dealing with commercial tornado claims.  By doing so, we are able to pursue a proper and full claim on behalf of you and your business.

Free Consultation and Contingency Fee Basis

If your commercial insurance carrier has denied, delayed, or disputed your business’s tornado damage claim, the experienced insurance litigation team in commercial tornado claims at Raizner Slania can evaluate your business’s potential claim. Please contact us today for a free initial consultation.  We handle all bad faith insurance litigation cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning your business pays us nothing unless we help you recover financially.