QBE Insurance Lawsuit

QBE Insurance is a global insurance provider based in Sydney, Australia, and while clever advertising slogans might try to convince consumers of their dedication to their policyholders, many policyholders are discovering that QBE Insurance often grossly underestimates or wrongfully denies commercial property insurance claims.

Surplus Lines Insurance Abuse

QBE Insurance operates as a surplus lines insurer, which allows them to operate in a gray area of the market where they are not closely regulated. Because of this, policyholders are often left hung out to dry when it comes time to file a claim. The Texas Insurance Code makes it clear that all insurance companies, including QBE Insurance, are required to demonstrate a reasonable cause for denying the payment of a valid claim, when the damage is covered by the policy. When an insurance company fails to do this, they are operating in bad faith.

Other instances of operating in bad faith can include:

  • Claiming the property damage doesn’t fall under the policy
  • Claiming the property damage is regular wear and tear
  • Unnecessary delays in the claims process
  • Failure to promptly pay claims
  • Trumped up claims that the property did not meet code or maintenance requirements

All policyholders have rights under the law, and insurance companies sometimes infringe on these rights to help lower the number of claims they actually pay.Insurance companies have their own bottom line and representatives are often incentivized to save money by delaying, underpaying, and/or denying claims.

If your insurance carrier has acted in bad faith, the attorneys of Raizner Slania can assist you with your commercial property insurance claim against QBE Insurance. We have the knowledge and courtroom experience to deal with the complex legal issues involved in insurance law, and we have specific experience and familiarity in successfully dealing with QBE Insurance.

QBE Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

We have earned recognition as attorneys who help policyholders fight for their rightful claims against insurance companies that operate in bad faith.  We handle all bad faith insurance litigation cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not owe us anything unless we help you recover financial damages. Call the experienced bad faith insurance lawyers at Raizner Slania today so we can help you get on the road to recovery.