Houston Office Building Property Damage Lawyers

Insurance claim deined? Raizner Slania can help.

When it comes to property insurance claims relating to office buildings, many firms lack the sophistication and resources needed to handle large claims for office buildings and towers. Businesses owners may find their offices severely interrupted due to a fire or natural disaster, and all the while their insurer has delayed, denied or attempted to make an underpayment on their legitimate claims and thus suffer a loss of business income. An office building owners claims can involve property damage, lost revenue, damaged equipment and inventory, and other business claims. Raizner Slania has become recognized as one of the leading commercial property insurance firms nationwide with a skilled team of attorneys for property damage. The works is detail oriented, extensive, expert-intensive and of course expensive. Our team has represented cases involving office buildings ranging from 20,000 square feet professional buildings to multi-story office towers. Business owners invest in insurance policies to protect their assets should an accident or disaster inflict substantial damage on their property. Such policies often reimburse commercial entities for:

  • External building damage,
  • Internal structural damage,
  • Destroyed or ruined property such as office furniture, inventory and machinery,
  • Losses sustained due to business interruption such as lost revenue and decreased lease rates and capitalization rates.

An office building owner or tenant should secure detailed professional advice before taking on an insurance company. The types of insurance policies that cover commercial office buildings can be complex, and may cover items such as:

  • Specialized roofing systems,
  • Curtain, wall sytems, storefront windows and other types of window systems,
  • Complicated HVAC roofing systems,
  • Interior damage that effects multiple floors, ceilings, tiles and other interior finishing components.
  • Business interruption and diminution in the value of the property

If your insurance company has denied your claim, Raizner Slania will aggressively protect your interests during claims negotiation and in the courtroom. An attorney on for property damage on our team has experience includes representing individual owners, investment trusts, property management companies, and small and large business owners and investors in real estate assets.

To discuss your situation with an experienced property insurance dispute lawyer, please contact Raizner Slania today. We can help you protect your investment and recover what you are entitled to under your policy.