Texas Multi-Family Property Insurance Claim Attorney

If you own a multi-family property, such as an apartment building or condominium complex, property damage stemming from a disaster can be extremely costly. In addition to the potentially overwhelming monetary costs of damage, you must be concerned about your ongoing obligations to tenants. To keep your rental properties inhabitable and safe, it is imperative to have any damage repaired as promptly as possible.

The law firm of Raizner Slania has a skilled team of property dispute lawyers that represent owners of apartment buildings, condominiums, and other multi-family properties. We try to work your case as expeditiously as possible to minimize the disruption of the functions of your property. Our experienced team of trial lawyers have handled multi-family property insurance claims across Texas and throughout the United States.

Fighting For What You Are Entitled To

Even if your damage should be covered under your multi-family property insurance policy, dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, as they will often manufacture excuses to dispute, delay, underpay, or even deny valid property damage claims. All the while, you and your property are facing:

  • Lost rental revenue from uninhabitable apartment units
  • Costs incurred for any temporary displacement of tenants
  • Costs incurred for temporary repairs
  • Water and mold damage
  • Exterior and interior damage that needs repair

Insurance companies know the pressure you face to timely repair or rebuild your multi-family property, and they frequently use this knowledge to frustrate or discourage you from pursuing your claim. Instead, they try to force you into a low-ball settlement offer. If this sounds familiar and you feel forced to accept an undervalued offer, an attorney may be able to help you secure what you are entitled to under your policy.

Contact a Property Dispute Lawyer Today

If you are a commercial property owner of a multifamily housing complex, and your property has suffered from wind and hail damage, fire damage, plumbing leaks and water damage, or another natural disaster, you may need legal assistance. If you are in a dispute with your insurer over damage to your apartment building or multi-family property, please contact an experienced property damage attorney from Raizner Slania for help with your claim.