Liberty Mutual Claims Disputes

Liberty Mutual is a global insurer based in Boston, Massachusetts, selling several lines of insurance including commercial policies. The company is known for employing the same bad faith techniques as many of its competitors, utilizing the “delay, deny, and defend” practice. Putting your trust in a company like Liberty Mutual can lead to frustration and settling for an amount significantly less than what your claim is worth. In committing these violations of trust, Liberty Mutual often acts through its related companies such as Safeco Insurance and America First Insurance.

Bad Faith Practices by Liberty Mutual

In many cases, the insurer’s bad faith practices include providing policyholders with very small initial settlement offers and waiting until the last possible moment to disperse funds hoping to wear policyholders down. Policyholders have legal rights and are not limited to accepting the insurance carrier’s low settlement offers. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable property insurance attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Liberty Mutual Policyholder Representation

Contact us if you have experienced any of these bad faith practices by Liberty Mutual:

  • Denial of your property damage claim
  • False claims that the damage was caused by wear and tear, faulty maintenance or other prior conditions
  • Delays in claims processing
  • Drop of your insurance coverage or denial of a renewal of the policy

Experienced Insurance Attorneys

If you are a Liberty Mutual policyholder and have experienced their bad faith practices, contact an attorney at Raizner Slania today. Our team of insurance attorneys can help get your claim covered.