Houston Church Property Damage Claim Attorneys

Guarding Church Communities

Churches and other house of worship are special places of community and fellowship. They are a gathering place where families and communities come together in a spiritual and relaxing environment to worship, see friends and family, and recharge after a busy week. A church is frequently the place where we spend our moments of greatest joy and deepest sorrow, and churches are made special by their spiritual and religious presence, and by the clergy and congregation. But the building matters too, and the environment and physical surroundings are important for families and worshipers to have the relaxing experience expected in a house of worship. If the building is damaged with a leaking roof, stained walls and ceilings or wet flooring, it can be difficult to enjoy and fully appreciate the experience.

Many churches and houses of worship have associated schools, and children deserve the best possible facility to nurture their education and growth. A damaged church school hurts the children and parents who expect and deserve a structured and safe educational environment. When insurance for churches is denied, it makes the situation that much more difficult.

Raizner Slania has extensive experience in all aspects of church claims

We have handled many complex claims involving insurance for churches and houses of worship. Areas we have addressed include:

  • Church school buildings and facilities
  • Administrative offices
  • Sanctuaries and fellowship halls
  • Church exteriors and interiors
  • Stained glass windows and systems
  • Boilers, heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Church roofing systems
  • Steeples

A lawyer for property damage can protect church communities from financial harm

Our attorneys understand the financial issues involved in church building repairs and maintenance. Churches and houses of worship are supported by dues, tithes, capital campaigns and other financing sources. If an insurance company fails to honor its contractual obligations, the entire community can then be burdened with the substantial financial demands of expensive building repairs. Building maintenance costs are often the largest part of a church or other house of worship’s budget under the best of circumstances, and when an insurance company does not meet its responsibilities, the entire community suffers both spiritually and financially.

We also understand that churches are managed by both professionals and volunteer board members, and have extensive experience working with multi-member boards to strive for the most effective and efficient results.
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