The lawyers at Raizner Slania LLP are leaders in bad faith insurance litigation and have worked together on property cases for a number of years. Founding partner Jeff Raizner was co-liaison counsel on the Hurricane Ike litigation in Houston, and has been selected by courts and his peers to serve on a number of steering committees established to manage and guide litigation involving insurance and other disputes; he is a recognized leader nationwide in complex commercial property insurance litigation.

Partner Andrew Slania has served as the lead attorney on hundreds of commercial property insurance disputes throughout the nation and presents regularly to numerous insurance-related trade associations. Lawyer Amy Hargis has represented numerous property owners in litigation against their insurance carriers for bad faith practices.

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Hurricane Harvey left in its wake between $150 billion and $180 billion in damages, placing an overwhelming financial burden on homeowners and business owners. The cost of repairing their homes and livelihoods could range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many have wisely purchased insurance in the event of property damage; however, insurance companies may act in bad faith, denying, delaying, or disputing a valid claim in order to avoid paying. The attorneys at Raizner Slania are dedicated to ensuring these companies pay you the amount promised in your policy, so you can repair damages caused by Hurricane Harvey.


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Meet the Attorneys

Jeff Raizner is an extremely successful trial lawyer and negotiator. He has been named a Super Lawyer every year since 2007, recognized for his continued success in representing clients.

Andrew Slania is a rising star in first party insurance litigation, and has garnered substantial trial experience as a veteran of a boutique litigation firm and a large international firm.

Amy Hargis is a Senior Attorney at Raizner Slania, where she spends the majority of her time focusing on bad faith litigation arising out of commercial property insurance claims.

Ben Wickert devotes most of his time at Raizner Slania LLP to property damage disputes and commercial first-party insurance litigation and appeals.


How is a storm-created opening different from wind-driven rain?

Insurance policies are written contracts that have limitations when covering the cost of damages sustained to the interior of a property. A storm-created opening is term often used by insurance companies to describe an opening created by a storm on the exterior of a property that allows rain to fall inside and cause interior water damage.

On the other hand, wind-driven rain occurs when rainwater manages to make its way inside a property, but not through an opening caused by the storm. Most insurance companies will only cover interior damage to property if it results from a storm-created opening. Some insurance companies will wrongfully state that interior water damage was caused by wind-driven rain to avoid paying claims.

What bad faith tactics I should look out for?

Some of the most common bad faith tactics used by insurance companies to deny claims include:

  • Claiming damage to the property is regular wear and tear or that the damage was a result of inadequate maintenance
  • Hiring biased adjusters to investigate the claim
  • Delaying the claims process and not communicating with the insured
  • Failing to provide a scope of damages
  • Claiming the damage is not covered under the policy
  • Refusing to engage appropriate consultants or experts

Should I contact an insurance claim lawyer?

While some Texans might have positive experiences with their insurance companies, others will spend months waiting for what turns out to be an underpaid or denied property damage claim. When a claim is denied or underpaid, it may be time to engage the help of an experienced insurance lawyer to help you navigate the difficult insurance process and advise on appropriate options for you to move your hurricane claim forward towards a reasonable resolution.

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