Houston Residential Hurricane Damage Lawyer

Following a hurricane, your residential property may suffer damage requiring extensive repairs or could be a total loss. As a policyholder, you should be able to rely on your insurance policy to protect you from losing substantial value on what is likely your family’s most important investment.

If you have filed a homeowner or residential property damage claim in the aftermath of a hurricane, your claim should be fully and fairly evaluated by your insurance company. Unfortunately, many homeowners discover that insurance companies often take a hostile approach toward policyholders filing hurricane damage claims and frequently use tactics to avoid paying them what is owed.

Experience Matters

Hurricane claims are complicated, and require extensive evaluation by experts such as engineers, meteorologists, and estimators. While many attorneys claim to have experience handling hurricane claims, few can back up those boasts with hard facts. Our hurricane damage attorneys have handling hurricane claims for years, and Jeff Raizner has served on steering committees and held other leadership roles in large, significant hurricane matters. In particular, Raizner was co-liaison counsel for the plaintiffs during the Hurricane Ike litigation, and in that role he coordinated with judges, insurance lawyers and other attorneys representing policyholders in the management of literally thousands of hurricane claims.

Take Action Against Bad Faith Insurance Companies

We frequently meet hurricane damage victims who have been insulted by and frustrated with unreasonable settlement offers they have received from their insurer after filing a legitimate, documented home property damage claim. Although insurance companies are required to show reasonable cause for any denial or delay of payment if there is coverage under your policy, they often fail to do so. This leaves policyholders without the compensation they need to repair or rebuild damage to the roof, siding, interior, and other parts of their residence.

Common problems policyholders experience after submitting a hurricane insurance claim include:

  • Denied property damage claims
  • Unreasonable delays in paying claims
  • Failure to promptly pay claims
  • Inexperienced or biased adjusters
  • False claims that the damage resulted from wear and tear or other pre-existing conditions rather than the storm
  • Failure to promptly investigate and assess hurricane damage claims
  • Undervalued claims assessments and low-ball settlement offers
  • Accusations that the property did not meet specified code requirements

Contact an Attorney for Help With Your Home Property Damage Claim

Raizner Slania has extensive experience with the complex legal issues involved in insurance law, familiarity with insurance companies, and a successful track record in the courtroom.

Whether your residence has suffered a partial or total loss, we will help you fight for compensation and obtain the best possible outcome for your claim—not a minimal, low-ball, or “halfway” settlement. Contact us today for a hurricane damage attorney who can help with your residential hurricane damage claim.