Commercial Business Insurance Disputes – Firemans Fund Claims

Fireman’s Fund is an insurance company based in California that often handles large, complex commercial property policies. Like many insurance companies, Fireman’s Fund does not always place honoring it’s financial agreements with policyholders among its highest priority. Often when a claim is submitted, Fireman’s Fund claims that that the property was in poor condition before a loss, even when their own underwriting shows that the property was in good condition before the loss.   Far too often, a property’s condition may have been considered highly rated when the insurance was being purchased, but that original condition is called into question when repairs are needed.

The company likes to rely on crafty legal arguments in order to deny claims, and uses the court system to delay and obstruct fair payments.  The company’s legal team employs tactics that intimidate a policyholder to either drop a claim or accept a low settlement amount. Rather than protecting your assets when disaster strikes, they are more worried about their own bottom line, often turning into your enemy rather than your ally.

Insurance law requires insurance companies to show reasonable cause for denying or delaying payment if the policy clearly covers your damages. Insurance companies must also provide timely and reasonable payment for losses so that repairs can be made.

Has Fireman’s Fund denied, delayed, or disputed your claim? Talk to a Skilled Attorney for Insurance Claims

If Fireman’s Fund has denied, delayed, or disputed your property insurance claim, you may have a bad faith case. Raizner Slania has experience fighting insurance companies and we understand the tactics they employ to avoid paying policyholders’ claims.  Fireman’s Fund depends on its policyholders giving up on claims rather than having to deal with their methods. We can fight them in the courtroom or at the negotiation table to force them to honor their financial obligations.