Texas Commercial Fire Claim Lawyer

Have you experienced a devastating loss from a fire?

Fires can lead to total loss of a home or business, and often the aftermath is as emotionally challenging as the event itself. The loss of a home or business to a fire can present great hardship and challenges. Home and business owners have insurance to provide financial security in these situations, but the insurance companies often make the process even more frustrating. If an insurance company fails to treat you fairly or delays their response, it could have catastrophic effects on your family and business. Time is money in business, and if repairs are not done quickly, you risk losing profits. If your fire claim has been unfairly delayed, denied or disputed, Raizner Slania’s lawyers for property disputes can help.

Fire insurance claims, disputes, delays and denials

Insurance companies often employ tactics that benefit themselves, not the policyholders who have paid premiums in case of a catastrophic event like a fire. They often attempt to shift blame for an event to something not covered under their policy. An insurance company may dispute costs of repairs and request that inexpensive, inferior supplies be used. Many times an insurance company will refuse to acknowledge that the building is a total loss in order to avoid strong consumer protection laws and to pay less than what is owed under “valued policy” laws. Policyholders have rights too, but the insurance industry often overlooks them. Insurance companies frequently use intimidation and other tactics to avoid fair and prompt payment under their contract. The lawyers for property disputes at Raizner Slania are aware of these tactics and excuses and can help fight for what is owed to the policyholder. We will not settle for less than what is necessary for your business to rebuild and for you to financially recover.

Have you had issues with your insurance company after a fire to any of the following?

  • Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes
  • Multi-Family Dwellings
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Special Purpose Property

Raizner Slania’s team of lawyers for property disputes represent your best interest in a fire claim

Raizner Slania’s lawyers for property disputes have a proven history of fighting insurance companies to protect the rights of the insured. We know the hurdles the insurance industry will put up in an attempt to mitigate their damages and costs. Every case at Raizner Slania is treated as though it will be taken to trial. We do not believe in starting the process with settling as the goal. We will fight for the maximum amount appropriate for the situation and make the insurance company honor its obligations.