Houston Homeowners Fire Insurance Attorney

Fires can lead to total loss of a home or business, and often the aftermath is as emotionally challenging as the event itself. The loss of a home to a fire can present great hardship and challenges, and the insurance companies contractually responsible for providing financial security often add to the stress of dealing with this loss. If an insurance company disputes your property damage claim or delays their response, it could have catastrophic effects on your family. Raizner Slania can help if your homeowners’ fire insurance claim has been unfairly delayed, denied or disputed.

False Accusations of Arson

One of the worst things an insurance company can do after a fire is to falsely accuse the property owner of committing arson. Scare tactics like sending the “special investigative unit” to interview a customer, or having lawyers conduct an “examination under oath” are common methods that insurance companies employ to get policyholders to give up. It is the insurance company’s responsibility to help a homeowner protect their biggest investment, but when a fire loss means a big payout, many insurance companies will use every trick to avoid payment. When what should be a helping hand turns into a clenched fist, it’s time to fight back.

Insurance disputes, delays and denials

Insurance companies often employ tactics that benefit themselves, not the policyholders who have paid premiums in case of a catastrophic event like a fire. They often attempt to shift blame of an event to something not covered in their policy. An insurance company may dispute costs of repairs and request that inexpensive, inferior supplies be used. Insurance companies frequently use intimidation and other tactics to avoid fair and proper payment under their contracts. The knowledgeable Raizner Slania team can help fight for what is owed to a policyholder under their homeowners’ fire insurance claim and not settle for less than what is necessary to rebuild. Settling on the offerings tilted in favor of the insurance company does not have to be the last option.

Do not let your insurance company’s tactics overwhelm you when dealing with the aftermath of a fire to your:

  • Home
  • Condominium
  • Townhome
  • Apartment Building or other Multi-Family Dwelling

Why choose a fire damage attorney with Raizner Slania?

Raizner Slania has a proven history of fighting insurance companies to protect the insured. We know the hurdles the insurance industry uses to mitigate their costs, at the expense of the insured. The attorneys at Raizner Slania have earned recognition as a preeminent law firm helping homeowners throughout the nation fight insurance companies operating in bad faith. We will fight for the maximum amount to right the situation and make the insurance company honor its obligations.