Types of Commercial Property Damage

After an event such as hailstorms, tornadoes, water damage, hurricanes, fires, and windstorms, commercial properties can sustain various types of damage, including:

Roof Damage

Damage to commercial roofs often includes compromised flashing meant to prevent water and other debris from impairing the roof, cracked or blistered surfaces, leaks, staining, and mold growth. Types of commercial roofs at risk for damage include metal roofs, thermoplastic roofing, modified bitumen roofs, tile roofs, EPDM roof systems, and shingle roofing.

Siding and Exterior Walls Damage

Siding and exterior walls are a critical component of a business’ outward presentation to clients; however, they can easily become damaged during a severe weather event, sustaining cracks, warping, staining, and even mold as a result of water damage. Examples of siding and exterior walls that can be impacted include stucco, aluminum siding, brick veneers, steel siding, vinyl siding, and fiber cement exteriors.

Foundation Damage

Damage to a business’ foundation can be devastating as it can negatively impact the building as a whole after sustaining severe impairment. Types of potential damage include vertical, diagonal, and horizontal foundation cracks; settling or sinking of the foundation; foundation upheaval; sagging and uneven floors; and resulting gaps around door frames and windows.

Damage to Window Systems and Structures

Commercial window damage encompasses more than just shattered glass; the fenestration system may be damaged as well as resulting in broken seals and compromised structural components that may violate building code tolerances. Examples of commercial window systems include structural glass walls, storefront windows, skylights, glazed wall systems, curtain wall systems, and aluminum or other sunshade systems.

Interior Damage of the Property

Interior damage of a commercial building is often the result of exterior damage such as roof leaks and broken windows. Ceiling tiles, flooring, sheetrock, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, furniture, equipment, and lighting features are just a handful of interior features that may be damaged as a result of a devastating natural event.

Damage to Signs and Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Commercial storefront signs and outdoor lighting fixtures are exterior features at risk for damage such as cracking, breaking, chipping, and total loss. Types of signs include plywood signs, metal signboards, awnings, LED signs, individually cut letters, and reader boards. Outdoor lighting fixtures include wall mounts, canopy light fixtures, and security lighting.

Commercial Property Insurance Companies Acting in Bad Faith

While these types of damages can be daunting, many business owners have insurance to cover the cost of repairs. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always pay claims as they should. When the insurance company refuses to cover a claim, it can result in high costs for the business owner.

Getting your insurance company to compensate you for the damage can be a hassle, but in the event that an insurance carrier has acted in bad faith by refusing to honor a claim in a timely manner or offer reasonable compensation or settlement, the insured business may have grounds to assert a bad faith claim.

Contact a Texas Commercial Property Insurance Attorney

After one of these devastating events, the last thing you want to deal with is fighting with your insurance company for the money you’re owed. If your commercial property is located in Texas and the claim was wrongfully denied by your insurance company, please contact the experienced attorneys at Raizner Slania for a free consultation and case evaluation. We work with knowledgeable experts to assess your commercial property damage and insurance claim. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.