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Being an auto dealer has large and varied risks involved that need to be insured. Since most auto dealerships operate out of large buildings and keep the entire value of their business out on the showroom floor or on an open lot all day and night, the appropriate car dealer insurance policy should cover everything from the building to the cars on the lot, all the way to business interruption coverage and the liability inherent with business transactions.

Commercial property insurance disputes insurance claims relating to car dealerships can involve the destruction and damage to the building and the very items that the business sells, and also severely interrupt its operations. Many car dealerships also house their own auto body shops and service centers and those shops may have garage keeper claims. A car dealership insurance dispute can involve property damage, lost revenue, damaged fixtures, building replacement costs, ongoing expenses, and other business claims that can quickly create a commercial property insurance dispute.

Following a disaster or severe weather event, businesses can face extensive repairs and disruption of operations. Any interruption, closure, or shutdown of a car dealership will absolutely affect its bottom line profit numbers.

The work involved in representing automobile dealerships on their commercial property insurance claims is detail oriented, extensive, expert-intensive, and can be expensive. Our team has represented cases involving small local dealerships in rural areas and large franchised vehicle dealerships. Frequently, property insurance claims on behalf of dealerships involve hail damage to the roofs and interiors of the buildings, as well as lost or damaged inventory.  Raizner Slania is a leading law firm in commercial property insurance disputes with experience in car dealerships insurance disputes. We are committed to holding insurance companies responsible for the agreements they make with their policyholders, including representing business owners across the country in their claims against private insurers.

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When an insurance company delays, underpays, or denies the claim of a car dealership, thus resulting in a car dealership insurance dispute, Raizner Slania will be there to protect its business interests during claims negotiation and during litigation. Our vast first party property insurance experience includes representation of business owners across a wide range of industries, property management companies, and real estate investors. To discuss your situation with an experienced property insurance dispute lawyer, please contact Raizner Slania today.