Commercial Business Insurance Dispute – GuideOne Complaints

Insurance Claim Dispute with GuideOne?

A great many non-profit and other property owners have policies issued by GuideOne Insurance, which also operates as United Specialty Insurance. While GuideOne is a very large insurer that sells standard homeowners and auto policies, their main focus, according to their marketing, is on what they refer to as “niche markets,” such as churches, faith-based schools (including universities and seminaries), senior living communities, and home health care providers. Despite their “faith-based” focus, a number of their policyholders sometimes find their coverage lacking when it comes to making claims for property damage.  Just like most other insurance companies, our experience with GuideOne Insurance is that the company often undervalues commercial property insurance damage claims.

Surplus Lines Insurance Abuse

GuideOne operates as a surplus lines insurer, which means that it avoids most regulatory oversight by state departments of insurance.  In Texas in particular, GuideOne writes millions of dollars in insurance premiums each year, yet it remains a non-admitted insurer operating outside of the rules applicable to many reputable insurance companies in Texas.  Unfortunately, this lack of legal oversight sometimes results in GuideOne skirting its contractual responsibilities to commercial property owners.

Dealing with GuideOne Insurance Bad Faith Practices

Under Texas insurance law, it is clear that all insurance companies, including GuideOne, are required to demonstrate a reasonable cause for denying or delaying the payment of a valid claim, when the damage is covered by the policy.  Whenever an insurance company delays, underpays or even denies a legitimate claim that it knows it should pay or if they do so without investigating the claim, that insurance company is engaging in bad faith activity. If you feel pressured to accept a low-ball offer from any insurance company, including GuideOne, we can help you fight for the full amount to which you are entitled.

If your valid property insurance claim has been denied, disputed, or delayed by GuideOne, leading to a commercial business insurance dispute, the attorneys of Raizner Slania can assist you with that claim.  We have the knowledge and courtroom experience to deal with the complex legal issues involved in insurance law, and we have specific experience and familiarity in dealing with GuideOne.

Free Consultation and Contingency Fee Basis for Commercial Business Insurance Disputes

We have earned recognition as attorneys who help policyholders fight for their rightful claims against insurance companies that operate in bad faith.  We handle all bad faith insurance litigation cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not owe us anything unless we help you recover financial damages. If you have a claim pending under your GuideOne property insurance policy, call Raizner Slania today so that we can help get you on the road to recovery.