Texas Business Insurance Recovery Lawyer

Commercial property insurance may be one of the first items you obtain when opening your business or purchasing real estate. Each insurance provider has a different way of handling their claims and interacting with customers. You may have made the wise decision to purchase what you believed was solid, sufficient coverage to protect your livelihood and investment even though the cost was considerable — only to suffer damage and have the insurance company deny, delay or severely underestimate the value of your claim.

Winning You Full Compensation is Our Top Priority

Raizner Slania is a versatile legal team with insurance claim lawyers based in Houston, Texas. Here in Texas and across the United States, we handle cases against virtually every major insurance carrier, and represent many small and medium-sized businesses pursuing fair settlements after suffering severe real or business tangible property damage caused by a hurricane, storm, fire or other covered event. Our focus is squarely on compelling insurance companies and other corporations to own up to their responsibilities and compensate our clients fairly.

Insider Knowledge About Insurance Claim Denial Tactics

Our world-class lawyers come from a wide range of backgrounds, much of which includes previously representing major insurance carriers. Before our attorneys committed themselves to securing justice for commercial policyholders, many represented insurance companies at former law firms. This experience provides our lawyers with unique insight into the practices and tactics of the business insurance industry.

Insurance companies are highly regulated, yet they still cut corners and shirk responsibilities despite the level of scrutiny imposed on them. Whether it’s a major commercial lines insurer, a surplus lines carrier not directly licensed in a particular state, a Lloyds entity or other insurance group, our attorneys understand the goals, tactics and methods the insurance industry employs in the handling of claims.

Leading Experts on Texas Business Insurance Law

Our experienced lawyers have a strong grasp of Texas business insurance law and various types of business insurance coverage, enabling us to build strong cases for trial or negotiation on behalf of our clients. We are prepared to handle insurance lawsuits arising out of:

  • Commercial property policies
  • Commercial package policies covering a portfolio of properties
  • Property Owners and Home Owners Association coverages
  • Business interruption loss coverage and claims
  • Policies covering churches

The Raizner Slania law firm has experience in tackling the following insurance recovery disputes:

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Our successful experience in Hurricane Ike insurance recovery disputes and other high-stakes litigation could be a tremendous asset as you seek a fair settlement from an uncooperative business insurer. Our clients have included restaurant owners, manufacturing companies, real estate developers, hotel operators, auto dealers and others for whom any severe property damage or business interruption can prove crippling. To discuss your situation with a proven business insurance recovery lawyer, please contact Raizner Slania today.