Toxic Burn Pit

Were You Exposed to Toxic Smoke and Fumes During Your Military Deployment?

If you or a loved one has suffered health damage, such as respiratory problems or other adverse health issues due to toxic burn pit exposure while serving in the military, Raizner Slania wants to help you take legal action against those responsible. Our legal team has the knowledge and legal skills to review and evaluate your claim and take your quest for monetary compensation all the way through a trial if necessary.

Pursuing compensation for toxic burn pit injuries can be daunting. You may need diagnostic work and ongoing medical care due to the health problems ensuing from toxic exposure. Having a tenacious experienced lawyer is important. Our firm focuses on complex and challenging injury cases, including many intended to hold major U.S. corporations legally accountable for misconduct.

Injury Claims against Military Contractors

Conditions in wartime are extraordinary, but military contractors are obligated to protect U.S., U.K., and other Allied soldiers from unnecessary risk. Recent public information and testimony has revealed the Houston-based military contractor KBR, Inc. and its parent company Halliburton failed to uphold this duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their willful negligence resulted in deaths and injuries to soldiers deployed there while serving their country.

KBR and other private-sector military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan had the duty to dispose of potentially toxic industrial and household waste. The disposal was to be carried out in a manner similar to the way it is done in the U.S., such as through secure incinerators or by establishing landfills. KBR, however, took shortcuts by burning plastics and other toxin-containing materials in open pits. These toxic burn pits emitted smoke and fumes which caused severe respiratory and other chronic health problems to military personnel in the vicinity.

In the first of many trials, our lawyers were part of the legal team that represented 12 U.S. National Guard veterans against KBR in a jury trial which concluded in 2012. The trial stemmed from the negligence of KBR at the Qarmat Ali water injection treatment plant in southern Iraq, which KBR was contracted to repair. At the site, KBR exposed military personnel to massive levels of sodium dichromate, which is a known carcinogen. These soldiers returned home to face serious medical conditions ranging from respiratory dysfunction to persistent skin rashes as well as cancer. Two of the soldiers died from diseases linked to this toxic exposure.

This initial trial was conducted in Oregon where the jurors returned a unanimous decision in favor of our soldiers. Plaintiffs were awarded a total of $85 million in both actual and punitive damages. The jury not only found KBR liable for negligence but also found it recklessly and outrageously indifferent to the health, safety, and welfare of these service personnel. This victory is just the first of many our burn pit lawyers hope to achieve as 150 more military plaintiffs await their day in court against KBR. Should this initial trial act as a precedent, KBR will be liable for at least $1.1 billion in verdict decisions.

Free Consultation for a Toxic Burn Pit Lawsuit

Our firm stands strong against negligent military contractors as well as other U.S. corporations who harm individuals and their families through misconduct designed to increase their profits at the expense of others. If you believe you have suffered harm through similar exposure, we urge you to contact Raizner Slania to discuss your potential claim. You may call us for a free case consultation at (713) 554-9099.