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Class Action Complaint Filed Against the NCAA on Behalf of the University of Utah Football Players

Raizner Slania has to date filed a total of ten class action complaints against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Each class action case, focusing on the culpability of the NCAA, addresses the association’s irresponsibility regarding the prevention and treatment of sports-related head injuries.

One recent case that emphasizes the NCAA’s failure to adhere to its commitment to uphold the health and safety of its student-athletes and depicts the injuries endured by football players that attended the University of Utah. The lead plaintiff played on the defensive line as a tight end from 1995-1999. Throughout his time on the Utah football team, the football player was repeatedly subjected to violent blows and head impacts. As a result, this Utah player suffered numerous concussions and severe head trauma.

NCAA Head Injury Lawyers: Raizner Slania

The NCAA, its conferences, and universities have a responsibility to look after the health and safety of their student-athletes. Contact Raizner Slania today if you or a loved one have experienced head trauma and neurological disorders as a result of a head injury while playing for an NCAA regulated team.