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Hurricane Claim

How The Hurricane Category System Can Be Misleading

As a result of recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Florence, most people are pretty familiar with the hurricane category system. In about a year’s time, these four storms have wreaked havoc on the communities they hit. In light of these storms, many are concerned the hurricane category system can be misleading and promote a false sense of security.

How Are Hurricanes Measured?

The National Hurricane Center and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) use the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. This scale rates hurricanes from 1 to 5 based on maximum sustained wind speed. Categories 3 and above are considered major hurricanes, although Category 1 and 2 hurricanes can still be extremely dangerous. The wind speeds for each hurricane category are:

  • Category 1 – Maximum Sustained Winds from 74-95 mph
  • Category 2 – Maximum Sustained Winds from 96-110 mph
  • Category 3 – Maximum Sustained Winds from 111-129 mph
  • Category 4 – Maximum Sustained Winds from 130-156 mph
  • Category 5 – Maximum Sustained Winds of 157 mph or higher

What The Category Rating System Doesn’t Measure

While winds can definitely be dangerous and can help predict the damage inflicted by a hurricane, winds alone cannot predict the entire picture of looming hurricane damage. The category rating system doesn’t measure rainfall or storm surge, which can easily prove more dangerous than wind speeds. Both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Florence unleashed relentless rainfall after coming ashore. This rainfall caused massive flooding that not only caused billions of dollars in damage, but also claimed the lives of dozens of people.

Many are calling for an updated hurricane rating system that would help better communicate a storm’s true danger. While a new rating system could help in the future, it does little for hurricane victims that have already suffered damage. It’s been over a year since both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria and homeowners and business owners along the Texas coast and across the island of Puerto Rico are still trying to rebuild after unprecedented flooding and storm damage.

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Devastating Houston Wind and Rainstorm

Houston and Southeast Texas were relentlessly pounded by wind and rain beginning in the early morning hours of Monday, April 18, 2016. With as much as seventeen inches of rain falling before 2:00 pm, the flood damage was catastrophic. Over 1,000 homes were flooded and local authorities responded to over 1,200 flood emergencies.

Seven bayous across Harris County exceeded their banks and two dams were at risk of breaking, which could have caused devastating damages and risked thousands of lives. Governor Gregg Abbott signed a disaster declaration for the nine counties hit with flash flooding: Harris, Bastrop, Colorado, Fort Bend, Grimes, Montgomery, Waller, Wharton, and Austin.

Homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, churches, schools, hotels, convenience stores, and many other types of buildings faced flash flooding including water several feet high.

Filing Property Damage Insurance Claims

While the city of Houston and surrounding areas managed to weather the storm, the monumental task of rebuilding again, just as was done almost one year ago, will prove challenging for residents. Wind and rain can cause damage to the roof, HVAC, walls, floors, electrical outlets and wiring, and personal effects, among other items. The property damage can also cause loss of business for business owners.

The task of pursuing a commercial property claim and/or a business interruption claim might seem daunting, but the experienced litigation attorneys at Raizner Slania can help. Insurance companies receive thousands of wind and water damage claims each year, and sometimes take advantage of policyholders who are not completely familiar with all the specific terms of their policies and who are unable to fight back when claims are denied.

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