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Corpus Christi Still Struggling To Rebuild Five Months After Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey first made landfall on August 25th, it was the first major hurricane to hit Texas in ten years. Harvey made landfall just northeast of Corpus Christi, Texas, subjecting the coastal community to relentless wind, rain, and storm surges. In the months since Harvey, much of Corpus Christi is still struggling to rebuild.

In the days and hours before the storm, the National Hurricane Center warned Corpus Christi residents that Harvey’s storm surge would peak between 9 and 13 feet and carry as much as 40 inches of rainfall. When Harvey ripped through Corpus Christi, the National Weather Service clocked winds of 63 miles per hour at Corpus Christi International Airport. Harvey’s impact was devastating for Corpus Christi. The storm managed to collapse several buildings with people inside. Search and rescue worked tirelessly to free trapped people and evacuate residents.

Hurricane Harvey’s Slow Moving Nature Caused Significant Damage

Compared to other major hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey was particularly slow moving. This means that areas in Harvey’s path like Corpus Christi were subjected to hurricane force winds and rainfall for much longer, causing significant damage. To make matters worse, it wasn’t until after the storm passed that property owners discovered the flood maps of Corpus Christi are 33 years old. In the months after the storm, new flood maps have been drawn up and are currently under review, but preliminary findings indicate Corpus Christi is much more prone to flooding than the out-of-date maps indicated.

Corpus Christi Business Owners Struggling To Rebuild

Rebuilding in Harvey’s wake has been incredibly challenging for Corpus Christi business owners. The damage caused by Harvey was two pronged: first, the storm ripped off roofs and other critical building components, opening up the interiors of buildings to the elements, and second, the relentless rainfall destroyed interiors and contents.

Because there are two types of damage related to Corpus Christi Hurricane Harvey claims (wind and interior water damage), business owners are learning the hard way how complicated commercial insurance claims can be. Business owners are desperate to get up and running again to generate revenue, but many insurance companies are unnecessarily delaying, grossly undervaluing, or completely denying valid claims. This is crippling Corpus Christi’s recovery, but policyholders do have options.

What To Know About Your Corpus Christi Hurricane Harvey Claim

Many insurance companies are fraudulently claiming some damage caused by Harvey is not covered under commercial insurance policies, when in fact it is. These denials are aimed at saving insurance companies from paying out claims, but this is wrong and illegal. There are a variety of bad faith tactics insurance companies are employing to limit claim payouts, and only experienced insurance lawyers know how to spot them and stop insurance companies in their tracks.

If you are still struggling with your Corpus Christi Hurricane Harvey claim or if your claim was underpaid or denied, you need the help of an experienced insurance lawyer to get what you are rightfully owed under your policy. At Raizner Slania LLP, our insurance lawyers have years of experience fighting dishonest insurance companies after natural disasters. Let us review your Corpus Christi Hurricane Harvey claim to help ensure you are getting what you rightfully deserve under your policy. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Corpus Christi Hotel Property Damage Lawyers

Corpus Christi Hotels Still Struggling With Hurricane Harvey Claims

For cities along the Texas coast, like Corpus Christi, tourism is a huge industry – or rather it was before Hurricane Harvey. It’s been over five months since Hurricane Harvey came ashore, but many businesses, particularly hotels and motels, are struggling to get back on their feet.

Hotels and motels face unique challenges after a natural disaster. In the case of Hurricane Harvey, many hotels and motels in Corpus Christi suffered massive amounts of flood and wind damage. Unfortunately for hotel and motel owners, commercial insurance claims can take a long time to resolve, and even longer in the event of a large-scale natural disaster.

To add insult to injury, many Corpus Christi hotel owners are discovering their insurance companies aren’t as honest as they thought. Hurricane Harvey caused billions of dollars in property damage throughout Texas, and insurance companies are doing everything in their power to mitigate their own financial losses by avoiding paying out.

Hotel owners who have filed insurance claims are facing unnecessary delays, bad faith tactics, and outright denials. While hotel owners are not the only ones facing these challenges, the nature of their businesses means the effects of this insurance company bad behavior are hitting their economic viability particularly hard.

When an insurance company unnecessarily delays a claim, hotel owners lose money when they need it the most. Just a small amount of wind or water damage can shut an entire hotel down, causing them to lose business. Many hotel owners are being forced to pay for repairs themselves or risk losing business. If damages go unrepaired, a hotel owner can even face challenges with the franchisor, and potentially even lose their flag.

To make matters worse, tourism to hurricane affected locales like Corpus Christi has seen a dramatic decrease since Hurricane Harvey, making it even more difficult for hotel and motel owners to return to normal. The difficulty of rebuilding is causing some hotel and motel owners to sell their damaged properties at a huge loss.

Rebuilding after a natural disaster can be a difficult process, but business owners aren’t alone and they have legal rights. If a hotel owner pays their insurance premiums, they deserve full coverage under their policy. After a natural disaster, many insurance companies take advantage of policyholders who are desperate or unaware of their rights by offering lowball settlements. This is wrong, and by partnering with an experienced Texas insurance lawyer, hotel and motel owners can get full compensation for their property damage.

Corpus Christi Hotel Property Damage Lawyers

At Raizner Slania LLP, we understand that your hotel isn’t just your business; it’s your livelihood. We know how insurance companies try to avoid paying out on claims and fight aggressively for our clients to get them the most under their policies. If your insurance company is delaying your claim, or if they have underpaid or denied your claim, don’t wait to call us. We can help you get your hotel up and running again. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.