NCAA Class Action Settlement

NCAA Class Action Settlement

Many former student athletes are just now receiving a “legal notice” about a proposed class action settlement in a case called “In re National Collegiate Athletic Association Student-Athlete Concussion Injury Litigation” (Case No. 1:13-cv-09116). The notice explains that because the recipient is a “current or former student-athlete who played an NCAA-sanctioned sport,” his or her legal rights may be affected. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find a copy of the notice here.

What Is The Legal Notice About?

The notice concerns a settlement through which former NCAA athletes may be entitled to receive a free medical evaluation. As a member of the medical monitoring settlement class, all former NCAA athletes have the right to participate in the settlement, object to it, or request exclusion. Former football players and other NCAA athletes with lasting consequences resulting from collegiate playing time may qualify for important medical monitoring benefits under this settlement.

What Does This Mean For Athletes Who Have Already Filed A Lawsuit?

It’s important to understand you can participate in the medical monitoring class action settlement AND pursue a personal injury case with our firm. The class action settlement does NOT settle or impact any personal injury case you may have against the NCAA and others, provided any personal injury case you file is either done individually, or as part of a class action involving a single sport and single school. 

Our Firm’s Representation Is Different Than The Medical Monitoring Class Settlement

Our firm, Raizner Slania, represents former student athletes currently experiencing symptoms and consequences caused by previous concussions sustained during practice or play, and we are pursuing these claims against NCAA and others.  The class action settlement only provides “medical monitoring,” or the right to receive a medical evaluation, for former players who may or may not be having symptoms from their concussions.

We represent hundreds of former student athletes whose lives were forever changed due to serious concussions sustained during their time playing college football.  We have filed dozens of lawsuits asserting personal injury claims for our clients across the country, and these claims have been consolidated into a multi-district litigation in Chicago.  This personal injury litigation against the NCAA, certain conferences, and schools is proceeding without delay, and is not impacted by the class action settlement for medical monitoring.

Contact Raizner Slania To Learn More About Your Rights As A Former NCAA Athlete

Class action settlements can be confusing.  We are happy to talk with you about your options under the settlement or answer any other questions you might have. At this point, it is important to understand  the medical monitoring settlement does not affect your personal injury claims. If you have any questions or want a free evaluation to determine whether you qualify for a personal injury claim against the NCAA and others, contact us today.

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