Minnesota Couple Files Bair Hugger Lawsuit

bair hugger lawsuit

A couple from Minnesota filed a lawsuit against Bair Hugger manufacturers, 3M Company and Arizant Healthcare, Inc., after the wife sustained an infection after using the Bair Hugger warming blanket during her surgery.

Contaminants introduced into the plaintiff’s open surgical wound as a direct result of using the Bair Hugger during surgery resulted in the plaintiff developing a periprosthetic joint infection (PJI).

As a result of her infection, the plaintiff underwent extensive treatments, including revision arthroplasties, multiple staged removal procedures, insertion and removal of antibiotic spacers, irrigation and debridements, and long-term antibiotic use. The plaintiff also suffered additional complications from the infection, including shock, liver problems, renal failure due to sepsis, and eosinophilic vasculitis.

The infection was physically debilitating and painful for the plaintiff, and also caused the couple economic hardship due to the additional surgeries and treatments it led to.

The couple alleges 3M and Arizant were negligent in failing to warn doctors and patients of the increased risk of infection associated with the dangerous medical device. They also allege the companies have violated the Minnesota Prevention of Consumer Fraud Act and the Minnesota Deceptive Trade Practices Act, among others.

What Is The Bair Hugger?

The Bair Hugger is a surgical blanket used to regulate a patient’s body temperature during surgery. The device is a composite blanket with holes in it from which warm air is forced through the blanket and onto the patient. While the vast majority of hospitals in the U.S. use Bair Hugger warming blankets, many doctors and patients believe the device is dangerous. As early as 2010, the New York Times reported the inventor of the Bair Hugger wanted hospitals to stop using the device during certain operations because he believes it greatly increases a patient’s risk of developing an infection.

Raizner Slania: Bair Hugger Lawsuit Attorneys

Raizner Slania is investigating 3M Bair Hugger lawsuits on behalf of individuals who developed serious infections, including deep-joint infections, periprosthetic joint infections, MRSA, or sepsis, following hip, knee, shoulder, or other joint replacement surgery. Our attorneys are currently offering free, no-obligation legal reviews to individuals who may have suffered a post-surgical infection after using the 3M Bair Hugger. Call Raizner Slania today to learn more about your legal rights.

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