Lawsuit Filed Against The Atlantic Coast Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association

University of North Carolina

Raizner Slania has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of a former University of North Carolina football player against the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The ACC and NCAA failed to educate student athletes on the dangerous and long-term effects of repeated head trauma.

The NCAA governs more than 400,000 student athletes with the goal of safeguarding their well being both on and off the field. The ACC was established in 1953 to “maximize the educational and athletic opportunities that shape our leaders of tomorrow – in the classroom, in competition, and in life.” Despite the NCAA and ACC’s lofty proclamations, they put profits before the well being of student athletes.

While playing for North Carolina, an NCAA and ACC regulated team, the plaintiff repeatedly sustained head impacts in games and practices that resulted in concussions. In one particular practice, the plaintiff was holding a blocking dummy for another player to hit. Upon impact, the plaintiff was struck directly in the helmet and immediately felt different. The plaintiff suffered from impaired vision and struggled to distinguish colors. Later that evening, the plaintiff became drowsy and sick.

After the concussion sustained during practice, the plaintiff lost his ability to focus. While he had been an honors student in high school, his inability to focus caused him to fail many of his college classes. The plaintiff’s inability to focus became so severe that he would read a page in a textbook, but not remember anything about what he had just read. The inability to focus had such a profound impact on his life that he contemplated suicide. In an effort to obtain answers concerning his condition, the plaintiff decided to participate in a study conducted by Boston University’s CTE Center.

As a result of his time playing for North Carolina, the plaintiff now suffers from deficits in cognitive functioning, reduced processing speed, decline in attention and reasoning, loss of memory, depression, sleeplessness, and mood swings, among other issues.

NCAA Concussion Attorneys: Raizner Slania

The NCAA, its universities, and its conferences have a responsibility to provide the proper care after a student suffers a concussion during athletic play. If you or someone you love sustained a concussion while playing for an NCAA regulated football team, call the experienced attorneys at Raizner Slania today. Our consultations are free and you owe us nothing unless we can help you obtain compensation.

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