Indiana Couple Files Bair Hugger Defect Lawsuit After Infection

Bair Hugger Infections Lawyer

Raizner Slania filed a Bair Hugger defect lawsuit on behalf of an Indiana couple after the husband received a severe infection from the device. The couple believes the manufacturers, 3M Company and Arizant Healthcare, failed to warn patients and doctors of the infection risk associated with the device.

In November 2012, the plaintiff underwent a right total hip replacement surgery in which the Bair Hugger was used throughout the duration of the procedure to regulate his body temperature. However, as a direct result of the Bair Hugger device, contaminants were introduced into the plaintiff’s open surgical wound that caused him to develop a severe periprosthetic joint infection, more commonly referred to as a PJI. The pathogens identified were gram positive cocci, including a rare gram positive cocci.

Gram positive cocci are spherical-shaped bacteria that can cause a variety of common and severe infections, like Staphylococcus (staph), Streptococcus (strep), and Pneumococcus (pneumonia). Bacteria like gram positive cocci are incredibly difficult to treat, particularly in joint replacement patients, because bacteria present on artificial joints doesn’t trigger an immune system response, allowing the infection to run rampant.

As a result of plaintiff’s infection caused by the Bair Hugger, he has undergone irrigation and debridement, PICC line antibiotics, and oral antibiotics to treat the infection. The Indiana couple believes the Bair Hugger device is defective in both design and manufacture and that both 3M and Arizant committed consumer fraud and/or engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practices under Indiana Law.

Use of the Bair Hugger

The Bair Hugger is used in nearly 80% of operating rooms across the country to regulate body temperature during surgery. Regulating temperature helps reduce bleeding risks and shorten hospital stays, but the Bair Hugger’s design sucks up contaminants in air and disperses them over patients and their open surgical wounds, causing severe and life-threatening infections.

Bair Hugger Defect Lawsuit Attorneys

If you or someone you love sustained an infection after a hip or knee joint surgery within the last five years, you may be able to hold the manufacturers responsible. The Bair Hugger defect lawsuit attorneys at Raizner Slania can analyze your case and help you understand your legal options. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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