Some Hurricane Harvey Victims Still Face Obstacles To Rebuild

Hurricane Harvey Victims

While it’s been over a year since Hurricane Harvey made landfall off the Texas coast, for many, it seems like it was just yesterday. Texans know firsthand how slow the rebuilding process has been, and it is far from over. Although much progress has been made toward helping affected areas recover, there is still much left to be done. Unfortunately, Houston remains extremely vulnerable to flooding should another storm come its way.

Changes In Harvey’s Aftermath

The City of Houston and Harris County updated building code requirements to include higher structure elevations on floodplains. While this is no help to victims whose homes have already flooded, it will help prevent additional flooding in the future. To address flood mitigation, Harris County had a special election regarding a $2.5 billion flood mitigation plan to get it onto the November ballot. Additionally, earlier this year Congress included mitigation funding in its spending bills; however, it remains unclear how funds will be allocated among hurricane-devastated states such as Texas and Florida.

While this funding is absolutely needed, it can’t come fast enough. The city needs large-scale projects like the creation of a third reservoir and the creation of more surface detention, but the funds have yet to materialize so these crucial projects have not even begun. This is especially concerning as we are in the midst of an active hurricane season.

Struggling To Rebuild

Many Houstonians are still struggling to rebuild. The litigation regarding homes flooded by the a is still ongoing; and, for buildings that suffered wind damage, many insurance companies are causing unnecessary delays and wrongfully denying claims. This has made rebuilding very difficult financially. The financial hardship has been felt especially hard by business owners, who have seen substantial losses in revenue due to damaged buildings and costly repairs.

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