Houston Hailstorm 2016

Houston Hailstorm

The first severe weather watch of 2016 was issued on Friday, January 8 for parts of Texas and Louisiana. Numerous severe thunderstorms produced large hail in southeastern Texas late Friday afternoon and into Friday night. Strong storms blew through Houston, bringing with them unexpected hail. Much of the hail was unusually large, some as large as tennis balls, and property damage has been reported across the city and in surrounding areas. Local news outlets shared photos and videos of the hail sent in by viewers across the greater Houston area, and as far away as League City and Huntsville. Harris County and several other Texas counties remained under a thunderstorm watch until late that night.

A few of the hailstorms reached southwestern and central Louisiana with hail up to the size of Ping-Pong balls late Friday evening. Strong thunderstorm winds downed trees in the Bossier and Bienville parishes of northern Louisiana.

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