Harris County Commercial Property Damage Lawsuit

Harris County Commercial Property Damage

Our client, a local commercial office buildings owner, was forced to file a lawsuit against Mesa Underwriters Specialty Insurance Company (Mesa) for grossly underestimating property damage claims caused by a wind and hailstorm and denying proper payment under the Texas Insurance Code.

April 2015 Wind and Hail Storm

On April 19, 2015, a severe wind and hail storm swept through Harris County. As a result, our client’s properties sustained extensive damage to the roof, HVAC, exteriors, and interiors of the properties. Immediately upon discovering the damages, the plaintiff filed an insurance claim.

In response to the claim, Mesa assigned representative, adjusters, consultants, and agents to the plaintiff’s files that were inadequately and improperly trained to investigate this type of damage. Specifically, Mesa assigned the claim to an internal adjuster who in turn assigned an additional adjuster to assess the damage.

Both adjusters failed to perform thorough investigations of the damages. Additionally, they failed to provide any estimate or scope of damages to the plaintiffs, and instead delayed the resolution of the claim.

As a result of haphazard inspections, misrepresentations, and inadequate investigations, Mesa wrongfully denied payment of the claim and failed to provide notice of the denial despite repeated requests.

Violations of the Texas Insurance Code

Mesa wrongfully denied our client’s commercial property insurance claim. Because of this, our client was forced to retain an attorney to prosecute its claim for insurance benefits. The insurance carrier’s denial of payment for necessary and covered repairs under the policy caused additional damages to the interior and significant economic impact.

Our client cites numerous violations of the Texas Insurance Code including failure to effectuate a prompt, fair, and equitable settlement of a claim, failure to implement reasonable standards for investigation of a claim, and refusal to pay a claim without conducting a reasonable investigation.

Houston Wind and Hail Damage Attorneys

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