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Airplane crashes make international headlines when passengers are injured or killed. Massive personal injury and wrongful death aviation claims are heart wrenching and tragic. While safety advances have made plane damage and resulting crashes less common in recent times, aircraft property damage does still frequently occur as a result of wind, hail, fire, and other natural disasters. Aircraft and airport property damage claims involve damage to the aircraft or air facility itself, and can be extremely costly to a plane or facility owners. And as much as an aircraft or facility owner’s insurance company gets paid to stand by their insured when damage occurs, too often they don’t. This is often where an aviation accident lawyer comes in.

Airplanes, helicopters, and the facilities that house them can suffer property damage due to wind, hail, fire a natural disaster, crime, vandalism, or some other occurrence. The insurance company you are filing a claim with may try to delay your payments or claim the property damage amount was less than what you are entitled to. Aircraft can suffer dents, nicks, scratches, holes, cracks, corrosion, and a host of other structural problems that may impact its value, damage its airframe or engines, and impact its airworthiness.

Common Causes of Airplane Damage Can Include:

Aviation insurance is designed and written specifically for the operation of aircraft and the associated risks. Aviation insurance policy language differs from other policies in that it tends to incorporate industry-specific terminology and unique terms and limits.

Air Travel Facility Damage Claims

It is not just the airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft that suffer property damage. Severe weather also affects the facilities that house these aircraft. Hangers, airports, fixed-based operators (FBO’s), maintenance facilities and more also frequently suffer damage related to weather conditions. These facilities maintain property insurance to cover any resulting claims for damage, and their claims may also be delayed, underpaid, or denied by the insurance carrier. Damage to a FBO, hanger or other facility may extremely costs, both in terms of the repair amounts and business interruption that results from the down town associated with damage and repairs to an aviation facility. An FBO or other facility can lose revenue from fuel sales, hangar fees, aircraft rentals, part sales, maintenance fees, and other sources of business income that are lost due to damage to the facility.

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