Commercial Business Insurance Disputes – American Family Insurance Complaints

Clever Marketing Slogans Prove Deceptive When Dealing with Insurance Industry

American Family Insurance touts itself as a company providing peace of mind to their customers by making the insurance experience easy and convenient. More often, we see customers whose experience is anything but easy or convenient, thus resulting in several American Family insurance complaints.

Insurance companies delay payments, undervalue claims and attempt to place blame on anything but the covered event in order to save money. They use tactics such as intimidation, delayed responses, and disputed damage values, hoping the policyholder will accept their decision and move on. These tactics are called bad faith practices, they are illegal, and you may have a valid legal claim for additional damages if your insurance company has engaged in these practices.

American Family Insurance has been accused of unethical claim denials, outrageous premium increases, policy cancellations and more. Policyholders describe experiences with adjusters who deny seeing any damage after a natural disaster, contrary to the contractor’s claim. Additionally, alarming numbers of policyholders report that American Family cancelled their homeowners policy without any basis. An insurance company’s purpose is to assist their policyholders in a time of need and make the event less stressful. American Family Insurance’s practices tend to exacerbate an already stressful time with poor customer service, penny-pinching tactics, and unanswered phone calls.

A Team of Experienced Insurance Attorneys Can Help with American Family Insurance Complaints

American Family Insurance provides coverage for residential and business owners; Raizner Slania has experience fighting both types of claims and is familiar with the ins and outs of an American Family lawsuit. Their tactics have consequences for the policyholder, such as loss of profits for business owners and displacement of families when their residential claims are denied. Delay from improper insurance tactics can hurt the policyholder not only immediately, but also potentially in the long run when they cause the value of businesses and homes to decrease.

If American Family Insurance has delayed, disputed or denied your claim, you may have a bad faith case against them and an American Family lawsuit. Raizner Slania has a history of fighting these practices and going up against the biggest insurance companies in the nation.