American Family Insurance Lawsuit

Was your claim wrongfully denied?

Insurance companies acting in bad faith must be put in check. If American Family Insurance has wrongfully delayed, disputed or denied your business or residential claim, then you may have a case arguing against their deceptive behavior. The lawyers at Raizner Slania have a history of battling the largest insurance companies in the nation and holding them to their word. To pursue an American Family lawsuit and receive the money you’re owed, get in touch with us today.

American Family’s Deceptive Practices Prompt Complaints

American Family Insurance touts itself as a company with 90 years of experience and a strong reputation that provides customers with peace of mind. They claim their insurance process is easy and convenient, yet more often than not, we see customers whose experience is anything but easy and convenient.

Although insurance companies claim to put their customers first, they’re often discovered engaging in bad faith or unethical practices intended to put more profit in their pockets – American Family is no exception.

Acting in Bad Faith

Insurance companies delay payments, undervalue claims and attempt to place blame on anything but the covered event in order to save money. They use tactics such as intimidation, delayed responses, and disputed damage values to berate the policyholder into accepting their decision and moving on. These actions are considered bad faith practices, and they are illegal.

If American Family has engaged in unfair practices to prevent granting you the money you’re owed, then you may have a valid legal claim for additional damages.

Unethical Treatment of Policyholders

American Family Insurance has further been accused of unethical claim denials, outrageous premium increases, policy cancellations and more. Policyholders describe experiences with adjusters who deny seeing any damage after a natural disaster, contrary to the contractor’s claim. Additionally, alarming numbers of policyholders report their homeowners policy was canceled without any basis. Some previous customers report American Family continued billing them even after they canceled their policy.

An insurance company’s purpose is to assist their policyholders in a time of need and relieve stressful burdens. American Family Insurance’s immoral practices instead exacerbate an already stressful situation with poor customer service, penny-pinching tactics, and unanswered phone calls.

If your home or business insurance claim was denied, we can help.

The lawyers are Raizner Slania are qualified to help customers who are frustrated with the denial tactics used by American Family Insurance to unfairly dispute residential or business claims. We understand that delay from improper insurance tactics can hurt the policyholder not only immediately, but also potentially in the long run when they cause the value of businesses and homes to decrease. It can also result in a loss of profits for business owners and displacement of families as damage done to the exterior, interior, roof or windows must wait to be fixed due to cost.

Raizner Slania has experience fighting both types of claims and is familiar with the ins and outs of American Family’s unethical practices. If you’re wanting to pursue your case a court of law to demand the money you’re rightfully owed, then we’re eager to help. Reach out today to schedule your free consultation session and take the first steps towards filing an American Family lawsuit and righting the wrong.