Commercial Business Insurance Disputes – Zurich Insurance Claims

Zurich is one of the largest providers of insurance in the United States. Unfortunately for Zurich’s home and business policyholders, Zurich has a reputation for being among the most aggressive companies when it comes to handling claims. This has led to Zurich frequently disputing insurance claims and denying payments for legitimate property damage following a disaster or severe weather event, or a catastrophic fire.

Fighting Bad Faith Practices

Under insurance law, insurance companies must demonstrate a reasonable basis for denying or delaying payment on a claim. Despite this, Zurich has been investigated by state insurance commissions on several occasions for engaging in bad faith practices, including:

  • Canceling policies or refusing to reinstate policy coverage
  • Restricting policy coverage following a claim
  • Denying claims for covered commercial property
  • Failing to promptly pay claims
  • Delay tactics, such as confusing or frustrating claims processing requirements
  • Low-ball settlements and property valuation
  • Denying claims based on age or disrepair of property

If these actions sound familiar, you may need an attorney to help you get what you are entitled to. At Raizner Slania, our attorneys will fight for your claim and give you a voice in the courtroom.

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