Commercial Business Insurance Disputes – Allstate Claims Complaints

Treated Unfairly by Allstate After Filing a Claim?

Allstate’s ads frequently reference its “good hands.”  Unfortunately, these words carry little meaning for home and business owners who have filed valid claims for property damage only to see their claims unfairly delayed or denied. In fact, Allstate agents have reportedly been instructed to use a “boxing gloves” approach towards their own policyholders, resulting in several Allstate claims complaints.

Fight Against Bad Faith Insurance Practices

We have seen many specific instances of this type of unfair and financially devastating treatment. Allstate — in total a company with revenues consistently above $30 billion each year — is widely viewed as being especially committed to “tightening up on claims.”  For policyholders trying to recover and rebuild after a disaster, this may mean:

  • Outright denial or unreasonable delay of your claim without a valid reason
  • False allegations that you are responsible for the damage to your home or business, due to poor original construction or maintenance, such as the failure to repair damage after a previous event
  • Major delays and intimidating obstacles aimed at getting you to either accept a low-ball settlement or abandon your claim altogether

Insurance law is clear that insurance companies are required to show a reasonable basis for denying or delaying payment on a claim, if the policy clearly covers the damage.  If your claim has been denied or held up for unknown administrative purposes, our lawyers can assist you in the claims process.

Have Complaints Against Allstate Insurance Company and Considering Legal Action to Make Allstate Pay?

If you are a policyholder with Allstate and have had difficulty recovering claims benefits after damage to your property, please contact an attorney at Raizner Slania today.  Our impressive track record in claims against insurance companies such as Allstate makes us a go-to resource for homeowners and business owners harmed by wrongful claim denials and unreasonable delays.